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"Behind every mask there is a face, and behind that a story."

– Marty Rubin (Self-titled aphorist, philosopher bum and happiness freak)

My mask chain has saved me from many masks to be purchased. I came up with KeWiMe Mask Chains because I was tired of looking for my mask, losing my mask or frustrated that my hands were full when I take my mask on or off.

KeWiMe Mask Chains….. Cute name, right? But it actually means something: Keep With Me.  I didn’t want the run-of-the-mill shoelace mask chains or the ones that looked like I needed to be in a conference. I wanted something that people noticed. I wanted something that went with my outfit. I wanted something that worked long term.

That’s when I put “wrench to needle-nosed pliers” and came up with Mask Chains that fit the bill. My friends love them, my family love them and clients that have gone to market tell me these are the best they have seen. I am happy to share with you my vision of keeping masks on your person and never losing them again.

Besides, when this whole “COVID-19” is over, you get a fancy chain that converts into a bracelet or a necklace! Brilliant!!

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